The Kennel Club has supported FRAME’s work for more than 10 years and provides the venue for our Annual Lecture each year.  Here Public Affairs Officer Denisa Delić explains why the Club maintains its support.
The Kennel Club is in principle against the use of animals for routine testing purposes, unless there is no alternative, and is keen to work towards improving animal welfare by increasing an awareness of human responsibility regarding animals and helping fund research into alternative testing methods. The Kennel Club strongly supports the principle of the Three Rs – replacement, reduction and refinement as they are the guiding principles underpinning the humane use of animals in scientific research.
The use of animals in scientific research is a contentious issue and is the topic of much debate, frequently focused on whether or not it is ethical and necessary to use animals for research and how much suffering is associated with their use. Consequently, the public have genuine concerns, particularly over reports that might indicate a disregard for the animals’ welfare in the conditions under which animals are kept at research establishments and the methods used to kill them. The Kennel Club has a responsibility to do its best to ensure that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained and that every effort is made to reduce the numbers of animals used to the absolute minimum.
For this reason, the Kennel Club supports the work of FRAME through regular annual donations to support projects that aim to reduce the number of dogs being used in experiments. In addition, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust has funded FRAME to carry out a research project on the use of dogs in laboratories, with the aim of developing a scientific strategy to minimise, and eventually eliminate, the use of dogs in biomedical research and testing.