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Transgenic mouse models for α-synuclein effects in Parkinson’s disease

FRAME carried out a review of mouse models used to study Parkinson’s disease. The findings were presented by intern Michelle Maurer from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany.

Download the slides by clicking here: Parkinsons_Mouse_Presentation

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Home Office statistics on lab animal use released

A further increase in the use of genetically altered (GA) animals in laboratories flouts EU regulations and is in direct opposition to the UK Government’s pledge to reduce the numbers involved.  If the Government is going to keep its promise it needs to address this question urgently in order to stop the upward trend.

FRAME is deeply […]

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GM Mice

The use of genetically modified mice is increasing. This study is an investigation of the driving forces behind the rise in numbers of genetically modified (GM) mice in laboratories.  Study of trends in the use of GM mice and their efficacy as a model for human disease. Inquiry into the scope of the areas of research, the […]

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Increasing use of genetically modified mice

There has been an overall decrease in the total number of animals used for scientific procedures in the past 40 years. However, there has been a consistent increase in the breeding and use of genetically modified animals, mostly mice, over the same period.

Genetically modified mice (GMM) have become a routine model for researchers in a […]

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