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ATLA 44.6 out now

The latest edition of Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (ATLA) is now available. Issue 44.6 contains the following articles and comments: Editorial Animal Experimentation: The Statistics Speak for Themselves M. Balls and R. Combes News & Views : CAAT News & Views : IIVS News & Views Articles In Vitro Assessment of Skin Irritation Potential of [...]

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FRAME schools project

FRAME is seeking secondary school pupils’ views Undergraduate students from Nottingham Trent University are working on behalf of FRAME with the aim of promoting engagement with the issues affecting animal experimentation and alternatives, and exploring ways in which it can be incorporated into the secondary school curriculum. The university students have created a survey to [...]

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Xenotransplantation survey

Between April 2014 and March 2015, 429 patients died waiting for an organ transplant in the UK. A further 807 patients were removed from the transplant list as deteriorating health meant that an organ donation would no longer be in the patient's best interest. The lack of donated viable organs has led researchers to try [...]

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Why FRAME is right to be concerned about dog use in biomedical research

Recently FRAME and the Kennel Club co-authored an open letter to The Rt Hon Greg Clark, MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, in which we expressed our disappointment at the decision to grant planning permission for establishment of a dog breeding centre in East Yorkshire. We asked “why is breeding of dogs [...]

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First FRAME debate

FRAME is holding its first ever debate tomorrow (April 23) in London, on what can be done to bring an end to animal experiments more quickly. Experts from across the fields of industry, academia, politics, animal welfare and science promotion will get together to discuss the current status of alternatives to animal testing. The debate [...]

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The FRAME Alternatives Timeline

The use of animals in experiments is well documented. Its history and evolution can be traced through to contemporary techniques. Centuries ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans first began exploratory surgery on animals to discover the inner workings of living things. However, until now there has never been a simple way to track the developments [...]

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