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FRAME response to Home Office statistics on laboratory animal use 2015

“FRAME is extremely disappointed that the latest Home Office statistics on animal use in science show an increase in animal experimentation. We are deeply concerned that the use of genetically altered animals continues to increase, with 34% of experimental procedures using them and half of all procedures being done to create and breed them. These [...]

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FRAME schools project

FRAME is seeking secondary school pupils’ views Undergraduate students from Nottingham Trent University are working on behalf of FRAME with the aim of promoting engagement with the issues affecting animal experimentation and alternatives, and exploring ways in which it can be incorporated into the secondary school curriculum. The university students have created a survey to [...]

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Xenotransplantation survey

Between April 2014 and March 2015, 429 patients died waiting for an organ transplant in the UK. A further 807 patients were removed from the transplant list as deteriorating health meant that an organ donation would no longer be in the patient's best interest. The lack of donated viable organs has led researchers to try [...]

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EU debate on animal experiments

The European Parliament has discussed the future of animal experiments, in response to a 1.2 million signature petition calling for existing laws to be scrapped. A recommendation will now be passed to the European Commission to debate the topic more fully. The petition was organised by the Italian-based Stop Vivisection citizens’ initiative. It pointed out [...]

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First FRAME debate is a huge success

The first FRAME debate was a huge success. It brought together experts from across the fields of industry,  academia, politics, animal welfare and science promotion to discuss the proposition: Total animal replacement in human medicine is a realistic goal. The speakers were: Dr Brian Burlinson, VP Safety Assessment and Principal Scientist at Huntingdon Life Sciences; [...]

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Home Office Three Rs progress report

The Home Office has issued a progress report on what it is doing to reduce the use of animals in scientific research. The department set out plans in a document last February, which included three strategic priorities. They were: advance the use of the ThreeRs within the UK; use international leadership to influence the uptake [...]

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Animal-free challenge for young researchers

Young scientists who wish to go into a career without ever being expected to use animals need to be determined, resourceful and tenacious. That is the conclusion of new research published in FRAME’s  online discussion board PiLAS. It is based on a survey into attitudes faced by young scientists, carried out as part of the [...]

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FRAME has serious concerns about the use of animals as transplant donors for humans (xenotransplantation) because of the conditions in which donor animals would need to be housed and the potential harm to the animal of carrying the necessary parts of the human genetic code that make xenotransplantation possible. FRAME supports a reassessment of the [...]

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