Home Office statistics on lab animal use released

A further increase in the use of genetically altered (GA) animals in laboratories flouts EU regulations and is in direct opposition to the UK Government’s pledge to reduce the numbers involved.  If the Government is going […]

Our new website

As part of an ongoing programme of modernisation FRAME has overhauled its website and updated the content. The process began two years ago with the launch of PiLAS (Perspectives in Laboratory Animal Science), which was […]

Locating the Middle Ground

A ‘middle ground’ exists, where the advocates and the opponents of vivisection can usefully negotiate, but where exactly is it? Discussions on the use of animals in scientific and medical experiments often attract extreme points […]

Response to monkey ‘avatar’ research

Call for research to move to humans as soon as possible
FRAME welcomes the fact that researchers who carried out an experiment offering hope to spine-damaged patients have, where possible, minimised the distress for the animals […]