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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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Papers List

List of papers, year 2004

Prescott, M.J., Morton, D.B., Anderson, D., Buckwell, A., Heath, S., Bubrecht, R., Jennings, M., Robb, D., Ruane, B., Swallow, J. and Thompson, P.   Refining dog husbandry and care - Eighth report of BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW - Joint Working Group on Refinement.    Laboratory Animals Volume 38 (Suppl. 1), S1-S94(2004).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher (preface & summary free)]

Hawkins, P., Morton, D.B., Bevan, R., Heath, K., Kirkwood, J., Pearce, P., Scott, L., Whelan, G. and Webb, A.   Husbandry refinements for rats, mice, dogs and non-human primates used in telemetry procedures: Seventh report of the BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement, Part B.    Laboratory Animals, 38(1), 1-10 (2004).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Balls, M.   The need for recommitment to the three Rs and to serving together in the middle ground.    ATLA, 32, 13 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Balls, M. and Combes, R.D.   The UK National Centre for the Three Rs: pathway to progress or mere fig leaf?    ATLA, 32, 6164 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Carbone, L., Baumans, V. and Morton, D.B.   Report of the workshop on euthanasia guidelines and practices.    ATLA, 32(Suppl. 1), 445446 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Festing, M.F.W.   Refinement and reduction through the control of variation.    ATLA, 32(Suppl. 1), 259263 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Morton, D.B.   The welfare of non-human primates in research in the EU.    ATLA, 32(Suppl. 1), 307 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Vaughan, S.   Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA) Alternatives Section meeting designing to reduce and refine: strategies and successes.    ATLA, 32, 137 (2004).   [Abstract]    [PDF]