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Papers List

List of papers, year 2003

Ahn, C., Jung, S.H. and Kang, S.H.   An evaluation of weighted chi-square statistics for clustered binary data.    Drug Information Journal, 37(1), 91-99 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Augustsson, H., van de Weerd, H.A., Kruitwagen, C.L.J.J. and Baumans, V.   Effect of enrichment on variation and results in the light/dark test.    Laboratory Animals, 37(4), 328-340 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Bebarta, V., Luyten, D. and Heard, K.   Emergency medicine animal research: Does use of randomization and blinding affect the results?    Academic Emergency Medicine, 10(6), 684-687 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Bennink, R.J., de Jonge, W.J., Symonds, E.L., van den Wijngaard, R.M., Spijkerboer, A.L., Benninga, M.A. and Boeckxstaens, G.E.   Validation of gastric-emptying scintigraphy of solids and liquids in mice using dedicated animal pinhole scintigraphy.    Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 44(7), 1099-1104 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Bruckner, L., Cussler, K., Halder, M., Barrat, J., Castle, P., Duchow, K., Gatewood, D.M., Gibert, R., Groen, J, Knapp, B., Levis, R., Milne, C., Parker, S.. Stunkel, K., Visser, N. and Volkers, P.   Three Rs approaches in the quality control of inactivated rabies vaccines the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 48.    ATLA, 31(4), 429-454 (2003).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Chamove, A.   Using fewer research animals.    Laboratory Primate Newsletter, 42, 3-4 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Cohen, N. and Buning, T.D.   Buying or making, what's it to be? The choice between acquiring or generating genetically modified animals or embryos in the light of the Three Rs.    ATLA, 31(3), 289-294 (2003).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Combes, R.D., Berridge, T., Connelly, J., Eve, M.D., Garner, R.C., Toon, S., Wilcox, P.   Early microdose drug studies in human volunteers can minimise animal testing: Proceedings of a workshop organised by Volunteers in Research and Testing.    European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 19(1), 1-11 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Cook, S.H. and Griffin, D.E.   Luciferase Imaging of neurotropic viral infection in intact animals.    Journal of Virology, 77(9), 5333-5338 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

de Graaf, I.A.M. and Koster, H.J.   Cryopreservation of precision-cut tissue slices for application in drug metabolism research.    Toxicology in Vitro, 17(1), 1-17 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Festing, M.F.W.   Principles: The need for better experimental design.    Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 24(7), 341-345 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Festing, M.F.W.   We should be designing better experiments.    Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 30(2), 59-61 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Gil, A.G., Illera, J.C., Silvan, G. and Illera, M.   Effects of the anaesthetic/tranquillizer treatments on selected plasma biochemical parameters in NZW rabbits.    Laboratory Animals, 37(2), 155-161 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Grosse-Siestrup, C., Unger, V., Meissler, M., Nagel, S., Wussow, A., Peiser, C., Fischer, A., Schmitt, R. and Groneberg, D.A.   Hemoperfused isolated porcine slaughterhouse kidneys as a valid model for pharmacological studies.    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 92(6), 1147-1154 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hale, K. D., Weigent, D.A., Gauthier, D.K., Hiramoto, R.N. and Ghanta, V.K.   Cytokine and hormone profiles in mice subjected to handling combined with rectal temperature measurement stress and handling only stress.    Life Sciences, 72(13), 1495-1508 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hauschke, D. and Hothorn, L.A.   Two-stage testing of safety: A statistical view.    ATLA, 31(Suppl. 1), 77-80 (2003).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Holzer, P., Shahbazian, A., Painsipp, E. and Heinemann, A.   Evaluation of peristalsis in multiple segments of the guinea-pig isolated small intestine: Optimisation of tissue use by refined in vitro methodology.    ATLA, 31(4), 419-427 (2003).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Jain, M. and Baldwin, A.L.   Are laboratory animals stressed by their housing environment and are investigators aware that this stress can affect physiological data?    Medical Hypotheses, 60(2), 284-289 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Kadurugamuwa, J.L., Sin, L., Albert, E., Yu, J., Francis, K., DeBoer, M., Rubin, M., Bellinger-Kawahara, C., Parr, T.R. and Contag, P.R.   Direct continuous method for monitoring biofilm infection in a mouse model.    Infection and Immunity, 71(2), 882-890 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Karlsen, A., Alexander, G., Blomhoff, R. and Gundersen, T.E.   Capillary high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of lutein and zeaxanthin in aqueous humor from a single mouse eye.    Journal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 795(1), 17-23 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

King, L.A.   Behavioral evaluation of the psychological welfare and environmental requirements of agricultural research animals: Theory, measurement, ethics, and practical implications.    Ilar Journal, 44(3), 211-221 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Kramer, K. and Kinter, L.B.   Evaluation and applications of radiotelemetry in small laboratory animals.    Physiological Genomics, 13(3), 197-205 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Kuentz, M., Rothlisberger, D. and Richter, W.   Design of experiment (DOE) methods maximize information from a minimal number of animals in special cases of preclinical bioavailability testing.    Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 8(4), 453-458 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Law, B. and Temesi, D.   The design of pharmacokinetic studies to support drug discovery: The selection of the optimum number of animals for a study.    European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, 28(3), 233-235 (2003).   [Abstract]

Lord, H.L., Grant, R.P., Walles, M., Incledon, B., Fahie, B. and Pawliszyn, J.B.   Development and evaluation of a solid-phase microextraction probe for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies.    Analytical Chemistry, 75(19), 5103-5115 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Marashi, V., Barnekow, A., Ossendorf, E. and Sachser, N.   Effects of different forms of environmental enrichment on behavioral, endocrinological, and immunological parameters in male mice.    Hormones and Behavior, 43(2), 281-292 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Marshall, V.S., Browne, M.A., Knowles, L. Golos, T.G. and Thomson, J.A.   Ovarian stimulation of marmoset monkeys (Callithrix jacchus) using recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone.    Journal of Medical Primatology, 32(1), 57-66 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Martonen, T.B. and Schroeter, J.D.   Risk assessment dosimetry model for inhaled particulate matter: II. Laboratory surrogates (rat).    Toxicology Letters, 138(1-2), 133-142 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Morrison, D.A. and Ellis, J.T.   The design and analysis of microarray experiments: applications in parasitology.    DNA and Cell Biology, 22(6), 357-394 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Morton, D.B., Hawkins, P., Bevan, R., Heath, K., Kirkwood, J., Pearce, P., Scott, L., Whelan, G. and Webb, A.   Refinements in telemetry procedures - Seventh report of the BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement, part A.    Laboratory Animals, 37(4), 261-299 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Nudo, R.J., Larson, D., Plautz, E.J., Friel, K. M., Barbay, S. and Frost, S.B.   A squirrel monkey model of poststroke motor recovery.    Ilar Journal, 44(2), 161-174 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Pavlidis, P.   Using ANOVA for gene selection from microarray studies of the nervous system.    Methods, 31(4), 282-289, (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Quinn, L.P., Stean, T.O., Trail, B., Duxon, M.S., Stratton, S.C., Billinton, A. and Upton, N.   LABORAS (TM): Initial pharmacological validation of a system allowing continuous monitoring of laboratory rodent behaviour.    Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 130(1), 83-92 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Reinhardt, V   Compassion for animals in the laboratory: impairment or refinement of research methodology.    Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 6(2), 123-130 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Robinson, V., Morton, D.B., Anderson, D., Carver, J.F.A., Francis, R.J., Hubrecht, R., Jenkins, E., Mathers, K.E., Raymond, R., Rosewell, I., Wallace, J. and Wells, D.J.   Refinement and reduction in production of genetically modified mice - Sixth report of the BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement.    Laboratory Animals, 37(Suppl. 1), S1-S51 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Supplement]

Sharp, J., Zammit, T., Azar, T. and Lawson, D.   Are "by-stander" female Sprague-Dawley rats affected by experimental procedures?    Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science, 42(1), 19-27 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Sharp, J., Zammit, T., Azar, T. and Lawson, D.   Stress-like responses to common procedures in individually and group-housed female rats.    Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science, 42(1), 9-18 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Spani, D., Arras, M., Konig, B. and Rulicke, T.   Higher heart rate of laboratory mice housed individually vs in pairs.    Laboratory Animals, 37(1), 54-62 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Tan, M., Fang, H.B., Tian, G.L. and Houghton, P.J.   Experimental design and sample size determination for testing synergism in drug combination studies based on uniform measures.    Statistics in Medicine, 22(13), 2091-2100 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Tatlisumak, L.F.   Use of diffusion- and perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in drug development for ischemic stroke.    Current Drug Targets, CNS and Neurological Disorders, 2(2), 131-141 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Touma, C., Sachser, N., Mostl, E. and Palme, R.   Effects of sex and time of day on metabolism and excretion of corticosterone in urine and feces of mice.    General and Comparative Endocrinology, 130(3), 267-278 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Upman, P.J., Anderson, J. and Tasse, L.   An analysis of ISO intracutaneous reactivity test results to justify a reduction in animal requirements.    Lab Animal, 32(3), 26-27 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Van Loo, P.L.P., Van Zutphen, L.F.M. and Baumans, V.   Male management: coping with aggression problems in male laboratory mice.    Laboratory Animals, 37(4), 300-313 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Van Loo, P.L.P., Van Zutphen, L.F.M., Baumans, V.   Male management: coping with aggression problems in male laboratory mice.    Laboratory Animals, 37(4), 300-313 (2003).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Wang, J.Y., Shen, X.L., Fenyk-Melody, J., Pivnichny, J.V. and Tong, X.C.   Simple and sensitive liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry method for the determination of diazepam and its major metabolites in rat cerebrospinal fluid.    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 17(6), 519-525 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Robinson, V., Morton, D.B., Anderson, D., Carver, J.F.A., Francis, R.J., Hubrecht, R., Jenkins, E., Mathers, K.E., Raymond, R., Roswell, I., Wallace, J. and Wells, D.J.   Refinement and reduction in production of genetically modified mice: Sixth report of BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement.    Laboratory Animals 37 (Suppl. 1), S1-S51 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Supplement]

Vaughan, S. and Combes, R.   The challenge: reducing animal use.    Toxicology Letters, 144(Suppl. 1), S43 (2003).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]