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Papers List

List of papers, year 2002

Booij, J., de Bruin, K., Habraken, J.B.A. and Voorn, P.   Imaging of dopamine transporters in rats using high-resolution pinhole single-photon emission tomography.    European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 29(9), 1221-1224 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Campbell, J.I.D. and Thompson, V.A.   More power to you: Simple power calculations for treatment effects with one degree of freedom.    Behavior Research Methods Instruments & Computers, 34(3), 332-337 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Chou, S.T. and Ladiges, W.C.   Detection of transgene product in mouse peripheral blood lymphocytes: A minimally invasive microassay.    Comparative Medicine, 52(6), 543-547 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Churchill, G.A.   Fundamentals of experimental design for cDNA microarrays.    Nature Genetics, 32, 490-495 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Connolly, R.B.   The use of biologically based modelling in risk assessment.    Toxicology, 181-182, 275-279 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

D'Arbe, M., Einstein, R. and Lavidis, N.A.   Stressful animal housing conditions and their potential effect on sympathetic neurotransmission in mice.    American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 282(5), R1422-R1428 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Dell, R.B., Holleran, S. and Ramakrishnan, R.   Sample size determination.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 207-213 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Double, J., Barrass, N., Barnard, N.D. and Navaratnam, V.   Toxicity testing in the development of anticancer drugs.    Lancet Oncology, 3(7), 438-442 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Dunson, D.B. and Dinse, G.E.   Bayesian models for multivariate current status data with informative censoring.    Biometrics, 58(1), 79-88 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Edler, L., Poirier, K., Dourson, M., Kleiner, J., Mileson, B., Nordmann, H., Renwick, A., Slob, W., Walton, K. and Wurtzen, G.   Mathematical modelling and quantitative methods.    Food and Chemical Toxicology, 40(2-3), 283-326 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Festing, M.F.W. and Altman, D.   Guidelines for the design and statistical analysis of experiments using laboratory animals.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 244-458 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Festing, M.F.W.   Introduction: the design and statistical analysis of animal experiments.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 191-193, (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Gaines Das, R.   Role of ancillary variables in the design, analysis, and interpretation of animal experiments.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 214-222 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Garner, J.P. and Mason, G.J.   Evidence for a relationship between cage stereotypies and behavioural disinhibition in laboratory rodents.    Behavioural Brain Research, 136(1), 83-92 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Goode, T.L. and Klein, H.J.   Miniaturization: an overview of biotechnologies for monitoring the physiology and pathophysiology of rodent animal models.    Ilar Journal, 43(3), 136-146 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Grosse-Siestrup, C., Pfeffer, J., Unger, V., Nagel, S., Witt, C., Fischer, A. and Groneberg, D.A.   Isolated hemoperfused slaughterhouse livers as a valid model to study hepatotoxicity.    Toxicologic Pathology, 30(6),749-754 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Grosse-Siestrup, C., Fehrenberg, C., von Baeyer, H. and Groneberg, D.A.   Multiple-organ harvesting for models of isolated hemoperfused organs of slaughtered pigs.    Altex-Alternativen Zu Tierexperimenten, 19(1), 9-13 (2002).   [Abstract]

Haimez, C., Geffray, B., Hitier, S., Maiofiss-Dullin, L., Marsais, J. and Onado, V.   How much for a star? Elements for a rational choice of sample size in preclinical trials.    Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 23(5), 221-225 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hasegawa, B.H., Iwata, K., Wong, K.H., Wu, M.C., Da Silva, A.J., Tang, H.R., Barber, W.C., Hwang, A.H. and Sakdinawat, A.E.   Dual-modality imaging of function and physiology.    Academic Radiology, 9(11), 1305-1321 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hing, J.P., Woolfrey, S.G., Greenslade, D. and Wright, P.M.C.   Distinguishing animal subsets in toxicokinetic studies: Comparison of non-linear mixed effects modelling with non-compartmental methods.    Journal of Applied Toxicology, 22(6), 437-443 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hoffman, W.P., Ness, D.K. and van Lier, R.B.L.   Analysis of rodent growth data in toxicology studies.    Toxicological Sciences, 66(2), 313-319 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Howard, B.R.   The control of variability.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 194-201 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Huff, J.K. and Davies, M.I.   Microdialysis monitoring of methylphenidate in blood and brain correlated with changes in dopamine and rat activity.    Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 29(5), 767-777 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Johnson, P.D. and Besselsen, D.G.   Practical aspects of experimental design in animal research.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 202-204 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Klebanov, S. and Harrison, D.E.   Optimizing detection of QTLs retarding aging: choice of statistical model and animal requirements.    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 123(2-3), 131-144 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Kotz, S. and Nadarajah, S.   Letter to the Editor of Biometrics: A novel application of the multivariate power exponential distribution to repeated measurements from a crossover trial on insulin applied to rabbits.    Biometrics, 58(3), 689-690 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Kraaij, R., van Weerden, W.M., de Ridder, C.M.A., Gussenhoven, E.J., Honkoop, J., Nasu, Y. and Bangma, C.H.   Validation of transrectal ultrasonographic volumetry for orthotopic prostate tumours in mice.    Laboratory Animals, 36(2), 165-172 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Krewski, D., Smythe, R. and Fung, K.Y.   Optimal designs for estimating the effective dose in developmental toxicity experiments.    Risk Analysis, 22(6), 1195-1205 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Laurijssens, B.E. and Greenblatt, D.J.   Effect of 7-day exposure to midazolam on electroencephalogram pharmacodynamics in rats: a model to study multiple pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationships in individual animals.    Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 54(1), 77-86 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Lee, M.L.T. and Whitmore, G.A.   Power and sample size for DNA microarray studies.    Statistics in Medicine, 21(23), 3543-3570 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Long, J.M., James, C.A., Clark, B.J., Castelli, M.G. and Rolando, S.   Serial sampling in the mouse in support of pharmacokinetic studies with turbulent flow chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry.    Chromatographia, 55(Suppl. 1), S31-S34 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Luker, G.D., Bardill, J.P., Prior, J.L., Pica, C.M. Piwnica-Worms, D. and Leib, D.A.   Noninvasive bioluminescence imaging of herpes simplex virus type 1 infection and therapy in living mice.    Journal of Virology, 76(23), 12149-12161 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Mandl, S., Schimmelpfennig, C., Edinger, M., Negrin, R.S. and Contag, C.H.   Understanding immune cell trafficking patterns via in vivo bioluminescence imaging.    Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 87(S39), 239-248 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Meador, V., Jordan, W. and Zimmermann, J.   Increasing throughput in lead optimization in vivo toxicity screens.    Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development, 5(1), 72-78 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Metz, B., Hendriksen, C.F.M., Jiskoot, W. and Kersten, G.F.A.   Reduction of animal use in human vaccine quality control: opportunities and problems.    Vaccine, 20(19-20), 2411-2430 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Murakami, H., Fujimura, T., Nomura, K. and Imai, H.   Factors influencing efficient production of transgenic rabbits.    Theriogenology, 57(9), 2237-2245 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Mutapi, F. and Roddam, A.   p values for pathogens: statistical inference from infectious-disease data.    Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2(4), 219-230 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Mutch, D.M., Berger, A., Mansourian, R., Rytz, A. and Roberts, M.A.   The limit fold change model: a practical approach for selecting differentially expressed genes from microarray data.    BMC Bioinformatics, 3(17), e-published (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Navidi, W.C. and Bunge, A.L.   Uncertainty in measurements of dermal absorption of pesticides.    Risk Analysis, 22(6), 1175-1182 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Nestorov, I., Gueorguieva, I., Jones, H.M., Houston, B. and Rowland, M.   Incorporating measures of variability and uncertainty into the prediction of in vivo hepatic clearance from in vitro data.    Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 30(3), 276-282 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Nicholson, R.A., Li, G.H., Buenaventura, E. and Graham, D.   A rapid and sensitive assay for paralytic shellfish poison (PSP) toxins using mouse brain synaptoneurosomes.    Toxicon, 40(6), 831-838 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Nolan, T.E. and Klein, H.J.   Methods in vascular infusion biotechnology in research with rodents.    Ilar Journal, 43(3), 175-182 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Nygaard, U.C. and Lovik, M.   Blood and spleen lymphocytes as targets for immunotoxic effects in the rat - a comparison.    Toxicology, 174(3), 153-161 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Preacher, K.J. and MacCallum, R.C.   Exploratory factor analysis in behavior genetics research: factor recovery with small sample sizes.    Behavior Genetics, 32(2), 153-161 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Quinodoz, P., Quinodoz, M., Nussbaum, J.L., Montandon, D. and Pittet, B.   Barium sulphate and soft-tissue radiology: allying the old and the new for the investigation of animal cutaneous microcirculation.    British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 55(8), 664-667 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Rispin, A., Farrar, D., Margosches, E., Gupta, K., Stitzel, K., Carr, G., Greene, M., Meyer, W. and McCall, D.   Alternative methods for the median lethal dose (LD50) test: the up-and-down procedure for acute oral toxicity.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 233-243 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Roberts, I., Kwan, I., Evans, P. and Haig, S.   Does animal experimentation inform human healthcare? Observations from a systematic review of international animal experiments on fluid resuscitation.    British Medical Journal, 324(7335), 474-476 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Saleem, K.S., Pauls, J.M., Augath, M., Trinath, T., Prause, B.A., Hashikawa, T. and Logothetis, N.K.   Magnetic resonance imaging of neuronal connections in the macaque monkey.    Neuron, 34(5), 685-700 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Available from publisher]

Salmeron, B.J. and Stein, E.A.   Pharmacological applications of magnetic resonance imaging.    Psychopharmacology Bulletin, 36(1), 102-129 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Schapiro, S.J.   Effects of social manipulations and environmental enrichment on behavior and cell-mediated immune responses in rhesus macaques.    Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 73(1), 271-278 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Schuetz, E., Lan, L.B., Yasuda, K., Kim, R., Kocarek, T.A., Schuetz, J. and Strom, S.   Development of a real-time in vivo transcription assay: application reveals pregnane X receptor-mediated induction of CYP3A4 by cancer chemotherapeutic agents.    Molecular Pharmacology, 62(3), 439-445 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Sharp, J.L., Zammit, T.G., Azar, T.A. and Lawson, D.M.   Stress-like responses to common procedures in male rats housed alone or with other rats.    Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science, 41(4), 8-14 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Shaw, R., Festing, M.F.W., Peers, I. and Furlong, L.   Use of factorial designs to optimize animal experiments and reduce animal.    Ilar Journal, 43(4), 223-232 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Sieburg, H.B., Cho, R.H. and Muller-Sieburg, C.E.   Limiting dilution analysis for estimating the frequency of hematopoietic stem cells: uncertainty and significance.    Experimental Hematology, 30(12), 1436-1443 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Smith, M.P. and Oyston, P.C.F.   Animal usage in vaccine development and production: maximising results while minimizing use.    Trends in Microbiology, 10(2), 62-64 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Soars, M.G., Burchell, B. and Riley, R.J.   In vitro analysis of human drug glucuronidation and prediction of in vivo metabolic clearance.    Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 301(1), 382-390 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Stephens, M.L., Conlee, K., Alvino, G. and Rowan, A.N.   Possibilities for refinement and reduction: future improvements within regulatory testing.    Ilar Journal, 43(Suppl.), S74-S79 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Stitzel, K.A. , Spielmann, H. and Griffin, G.   The international symposium on regulatory testing and animal welfare: recommendations on best scientific practices for acute systemic toxicity testing.    Ilar Journal, 43(Suppl.), S108-S111 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Sutton, S.C., Rinaldi, M.T.S., McCarthy, J.M. and Vukovinsky, K.E.   A statistical method for the determination of absorption rate constant estimated using the rat single pass intestinal perfusion model and multiple linear regression.    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 91(4), 1046-1053 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Tan, M., Fang, H.B. Tian, G.L. and Houghton, P.J.   Small-sample inference for incomplete longitudinal data with truncation and censoring in tumor xenograft models.    Biometrics, 58(3), 612-620 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Tao, J. Guo, J.H. and Shi, N.Z.   Stepwise procedures under unknown variances for toxicological evaluation.    Biometrical Journal, 44(2), 149-160 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Thrivikraman, K.V., Huot, R.L. and Plotsky, P.M.   Jugular vein catheterization for repeated blood sampling in the unrestrained conscious rat.    Brain Research Protocols, 10(2), 84-94 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Tong, X.C.S. Wang, J.Y., Zheng, S., Pivnichny, J.V., Griffin, P.R., Shen, X.L., Donnelly, M., Vakerich, K., Nunes, C. and Fenyk-Melody, J.   Effect of signal interference from dosing excipients on pharmacokinetic screening of drug candidates by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry.    Analytical Chemistry, 74(24), 6305-6313 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Towner, R.A., Sturgeon, S.A. Khan, N., Hou, H. and Swartz, H.M.   In vivo assessment of nodularin-induced hepatotoxicity in the rat using magnetic resonance techniques (MRI, MRS and EPR oximetry).    Chemico-Biological Interactions, 139(3), 231-250 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Tsai, P.P., Pachowsky, U., Stelzer, H.D. and Hackbarth, H.   Impact of environmental enrichment in mice. 1: Effect of housing conditions on body weight, organ weights and haematology in different strains.    Laboratory Animals, 36(4), 411-419 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

Van de Weerd, H.A., Aarsen, E.L., Mulder, A., Kruitwagen, C.L.J.J., Hendriksen, C.F.M. and Baumans, V.   Effects of environmental enrichment for mice: variation in experimental results.    Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 5(2), 87-109 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]

van den Bos, R., van der Horst, K.J., Baars, A.M. and Spruijt, B.M.   Is it possible to replace stimulus animals by scent-filled cups in the social discrimination test?    ATLA, 30(3), 299-304 (2002).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Van Loo, P.L.P., Kruitwagen, C., Koolhaas, J.M., Van de Weerd, H.A., Van Zutphen, L.F.M. and Baumans, V.   Influence of cage enrichment on aggressive behaviour and physiological parameters in male mice.    Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 76(1), 65-81 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Weinandy, R. and Gattermann, R.   Total body electrical conductivity (TOBEC) measurements in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) and golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus).    Journal of Experimental Animal Science, 42(1), 21-30 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Wiemann, C., Berthold, K., Heusener, A., Kruger, N., Seeberger, A. and Stropp, G.   Joint positive control testing in guinea pig skin sensitization tests - A harmonized approach    Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 35(1), 14-22 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Yauk, C.L., Dubrova, Y.E. Grant, G.R. and Jeffreys, A.J.   A novel single molecule analysis of spontaneous and radiation-induced mutation at a mouse tandem repeat locus.    Mutation Research-Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, 500(1-2), 147-156 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Zhang, L., Wang, L., Ravindranathan, A. and Miles, M. F.   A new algorithm for analysis of oligonucleotide arrays: Application to expression profiling in mouse brain regions.    Journal of Molecular Biology, 317(2), 225-235 (2002).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Smith, D., Broadhead, C., Descotes, G., Fosse, R., Hack, R., Krauser, K., Pfister, R., Phillips, B., Rabemampianina, Y., Sanders, J., Sparrow, S., Stephan-Gueldner, M. and Dyring Jacobsen, S.    Preclinical safety evaluation using nonrodent species: an industry/welfare project to minimize dog use.    ILAR Journal 43(Suppl.), S39-S42 (2002).   [Abstract]   [pdf]