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Papers List

List of papers, year 2000

Broadhead, C.L., Betton, G., Combes,R. Damment, S., Everett, D., Garner, C., Godsafe, Z., Healing, G., Heywood, R., Jennings, M., Lumley, C., Oliver, G., Smith, D., Straughan, D., Topham, J., Wallis,R., Wilson,S., and Buckley, P.   Prospects for reducing and refining the use of dogs in the regulatory toxicity testing of pharmaceuticals.    Human and Experimental Toxicology, 19(8), 440-447 (2000).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Jenkins, E.S. and Combes, R.D.   The application of microarray technology to reduce, refine and replace animals in research.    Toxicology Letters, 116(Suppl. 1), 100 (2000).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Garle, M.J., Knight, A., Downing, A.T., Jassi, K.L., Clothier, R.H. and Fry, J.R.    Stimulation of dichlorofluorescin oxidation by capsaicin and analogues in RAW 264 monocyte/macrophages: lack of involvement of the vanilloid receptor.    Biochemical Pharmacology, 59(5), 563-572 (2000).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Combes, R.D.   The use of structure–activity relationships and markers of cell toxicity to detect non-genotoxic carcinogens.    Toxicology in Vitro, 14(4), 387-399 (2000).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Broadhead, C.L. and Smith, D.   A proposal to evaluate approaches to reduce and refine dog studies in preclinical toxicology.    Toxicology Letters, 116(Suppl. 1), 60 (2000).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Balls, M.   Drunken monkeys and cruel humans.    ATLA, 28, 639–640 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Balls, M. and Combes, R.   Promoting the three Rs: actions speak louder than words.    ATLA, 28, 741–742 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Benford, D.J., Hanley, A.B., Bottrill, K., Oehlschlager, S., Balls, M., Branca, F., Jaques Castegnaro, J., Descotes, J., Hemminiki, K., Lindsay, D. and Schilter, B.   Biomarkers as predictive tools in toxicity testing the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 40.    ATLA, 28, 119–131 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Clothier, R., Orme, A., Walker, T.L., Ward, S.L., Kruszewski, F.H., DiPasquale, L.C. and Broadhead, C.L.   A comparison of three cytotoxicity endpoints in the corneal HCE-T model.    ATLA, 28, 293–302 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Combes, R.D.   Endocrine disruptors: A critical review of in vitro and in vivo testing strategies for assessing their toxic hazard to humans.    ATLA, 28, 81–118 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Jenkins, E.S. and Combes, R.D.   FRAME’s response to an APC questionnaire on emerging biotechnologies and The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.    ATLA, 28, 333–338 (2000).   [Abstract]    [PDF]