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Papers List

List of papers, year 1999

Garle,M.J., Sinclair, C., Thurley P. and Fry, J.R.    Haloalcohols deplete glutathione when incubated with fortified liver fractions.    Xenobiotica, 29(5), 533 - 545 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Combes, R.D. and Earl, L.K.   BTS special symposium. In vitro toxicology - priorities for the year 2000. University of Surrey, 23 April 1998. Report of a symposium to discuss the BTS working party report on in vitro toxicology.    Human & Experimental Toxicology, 18(2), 126-136 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hammond, A.H., Garle, M.J. and Fry, J.R.   The nature of halogen substitution determines the mode of cytotoxicity of halopropanols.    Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 155(3), 287-291 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Hammond, A.H. and Fry, J.R.   Effect of cyanamide on toxicity and glutathione depletion in rat hepatocyte cultures: differences between two dichloropropanol isomers.    Chemico-Biological Interactions, 122(2), 107-115 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Gray, A.C., Garle, M.J. and Clothier, R.H.   Fluorescein cadaverine incorporation as a novel technique for the characterization of terminal differentiation in keratinocytes.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 773-778 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

DeJongh, J., Forsby, A., Houston, J.B., Beckman, M., Combes, R. and Blaauboer, B.J.   An integrated approach to the prediction of systemic toxicity using computer-based biokinetic models and biological In vitro test methods: overview of a prevalidation study based on the ECITTS project.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 549-554 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Zanvit, A., Meunier, P-A., Clothier, R., Ward, R., and Buiatti-Tcheng, M.   Ocular irritancy assessment of cosmetics formulations and ingredients: fluorescein leakage test.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(2), 385-391 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Combes, R.D.   Summary of discussion: in vitro models for investigation of chronic toxicity and reversibility.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 853-857 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Clothier, R., Starzec, G., Stipho, S. and Kwong, Y.C.    Assessment of initial damage and recovery following exposure of MDCK cells to an irritant.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 713-717 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Bull, S., Catalani, P., Garle, M., Coecke. S. and Clothier, R.    Imipramine for cytochrome P450 activity determination: a multiple-species metabolic probe.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 537-541 (1999),   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Budworth, R.A., Anderson, M., Clothier, R.H. and Leach, L.   Histamine-induced changes in the actin cytoskeleton of the human microvascular endothelial cell line HMEC-1.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 789-795 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Bigota, K., de Lange, J., Archer, G., Clothier, R. and Bremer, S.    The relative semi-quantification of mRNA expression as a useful toxicological endpoint for the identification of embryotoxic/teratogenic substances.    Toxicology in Vitro, 13(4-5), 619-623 (1999).   [Abstract]   [Purchase from publisher]

Balls, M.   The precautionary principle should be used with caution -and should be applied to animal experimentation and genetic manipulation, not merely to protection of the environment.    ATLA, 27(1), 1-5 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Balls, M.   Animal experiments: letting the people speak.    ATLA, 27, 503–504 (1999)   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Balls, M.   Does the use of transgenic animals raise particular welfare and ethical concerns?    ATLA, 27(Suppl. 1), 811–813 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Bottrill, K.   Seeking information on the three Rs - more than just a legal burden.    ATLA, 27, 215-218 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Clothier, R., Willshaw, A.,Cox, H., Garle, M., Bowler, H. and Combes, R.   The use of human keratinocytes in the EU/COLIPA international in vitro phototoxicity test validation study and the ECVAM/COLIPA study on UV filter chemicals.    ATLA, 27, 247-259 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Coecke, S., Rogiers, V., Bayliss, M., Castell, J., Doehmer, J., Fabre, G., Fry, J., Kern, A. and Westmoreland, C.   The use of long-term hepatocyte cultures for detecting induction of drug metabolising enzymes: the current status ECVAM hepatocytes and metabolically competent systems task force report.    ATLA, 27, 579-638 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Combes, R.D. and Balls, M.   Precautions and claims for “safety” based on inadequate risk assessment are hazardous and expose all concerned to risk.    ATLA, 27, 903-906, (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Combes, R., Balls, M., Curren, R., Fischbach, M., Fusenig, N., Kirkland, D., Lasne, C., Landolph, J., LeBoeuf, R., Marquardt, H., McCormick, J., Müller, L., Rivedal, E., Sabbioni, E., Tanaka, N., Vasseur, P. and Yamasaki, H.   Cell transformation assays as predictors of human carcinogenicity: the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 39.    ATLA, 27, 745-767 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Cooper-Hannan, R., Harbell, J.W., Coecke, S., Balls, M., Bowe, G., Cervinka, M., Clothier, R., Hermann, F., Klahm, L.K., de Lange, J., Liebsch, M. and Vanparys, P.   The principles of good laboratory practice: application to in vitro toxicology studies the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 37.    ATLA, 27, 539-577 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Elton, R.C., Rhodes, P. and Fry, J.R.   Evaluation of a short-term rat proximal tubule incubation system for the detection of nephrotoxicants.    ATLA, 27, 433-448 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Gray, S.J.   Cats in scientific procedures: main areas of use in the UK and some causes for concern.    ATLA, 27, 153-160 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Hammond, A.H., Garle, M.J. and Fry, J.R.   A preliminary comparison of LiverBeadsTM with a conventional rat hepatocyte culture preparation: some aspects of xenobiotic metabolism and related toxicity.    ATLA, 27, 111-119 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Jenkins, E.S. and Combes, R.D.   Transgenic models for prion disease: have they outlived their useful purpose?    ATLA, 27, 827–838 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Jenkins, E.S. and Francis, R.F.   New guidance notes for projects generating or maintaining genetically modified animals.    ATLA, 27, 883–902 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Langley, G., Broadhead, C., Bottrill, K., Combes, R., Ewbank, R., Hawkins, P., Hubrecht, R., Jennings, M., Newman, C., Rowe, S., JSouthee, J., Todd, M. and Ward, L.   Accessing information on the reduction, refinement and replacement of animal experiments report and recommendations of a Focus on Alternatives Workshop.    ATLA, 27, 239–245 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

van Zeller, A-M. and Combes, R.D.   Transgenic mouse bioassays for carcinogenicity testing: A step in the right direction?    ATLA, 27(Suppl. 1), 839–846 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

van de Sandt, J., Roguet, R., Cohen, C., Esdaile, D., Ponec, M., Corsini, E., Barker, C., Fusenig, N., Liebsch, M., Benford, D., de Brugerolle de Fraissinette, A. and Fartasch, M.   The use of human keratinocytes and human skin models for predicting skin irritation the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 38.    ATLA, 27, 723–743 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]

Wirachwong, P. and Fry, J.R.   Lack of effect of medium supplementation with pyruvate and hormones on cytochrome P450-mediated activity of rat hepatocytes in primary culture.    ATLA, 27, 283–288 (1999).   [Abstract]    [PDF]