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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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By supporting an existing project or helping us to set up new projects, you will be proactive in the search for alternatives to animal experiments.


Training schools

FRAME has run a series of highly successful training schools in the design and statistical analysis of biomedical experiments. By teaching post graduate students and research scientists how to construct experiments effectively, and how to maximise the data they collect, FRAME hopes to reduce the number of animals used in laboratories in the future.

These schools are dependent on obtaining sufficient sponsorship to stage them. Although the tutors give their time free of charge it is still a challenge to raise sufficient funds to cover other costs.

Thanks to generous sponsorship in the past it has been possible to run some schools free of charge for delegates from developing countries, where the Three Rs principles are still being adopted.



FRAME's scientific journal ATLA is distributed around the world. Although it is available online, many universities in developing countries prefer to have printed copies available for their students. In order to continue to supply up-to-date information on the latest developments in alternatives research around the world, FRAME is faced with rising costs of printing, publishing and distributing the journal.


Annual lecture

Each year FRAME stages a lecture to inform researchers, the commercial sector, official bodies and supporters of the latest developments in the Three Rs field. Attendance is free to ensure the widest possible representation in trhe audience.


Primates project

The question of using non-human primates in laboratories is highly contentious. FRAME believes that these extremely intelligent animals should have special protection because of the level of distress they are likely to undergo during laboratory procedures. A study is currently being undertaken to investigate the reasons for continued use of primates in laboratories and search for ways to make it unnecessary.


Report publishing

FRAME regularly publishes reports from Workshops and expert meetings as well as the findings of relevant projects. These are usually produced as a special edition of the journal ATLA (see above) and incur additional publishing, printing and distribution costs.



 If you need further information or would like to sponsor a project please contact us.