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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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Corporate Membership


You can make a corporate donation, become a corporate member or even sponsor research in a particular area.


Ways that your Company could become involved with FRAME


Support of individual research projects


Two FRAME research groups at the University of Nottingham engage in studies to develop and evaluate scientifically valid in vitro alternatives to specified animal toxicity tests and safety assessment procedures.


Companies involved, either directly or indirectly, in the safety testing of chemicals, medicines and other consumer products can collaborate actively in individual research projects.


Such a commitment would be for a period of 3–5 years and typically requires annual funding of £25,000 or more.


General support of FRAME's research programme

Companies wishing to assist the progress of the search for alternatives without specific reference can do so with an annual donation of £10,000 to £25,000.


Educational promotion



With sponsorship by industry, FRAME has produced two booklets for A-level students – one on the main issues surrounding the use of animals (16 pages), the other on the potential for the development of replacement alternatives (20 pages). Both booklets, published by Hobsons Scientific, have been sent to 6,000 schools and sixth form colleges.



For younger students, we have produced simplified illustrated pamphlets about animal experiments, alternatives, cosmetics testing, food additives testing, vaccines and animal testing and transgenic animals. These have been financed from our own reserves, but company sponsorship for further editions, and for new publications, is needed.





FRAME’s laboratories and Head Office can only produce the best quality services with efficient technical and scientific equipment. Communication and computer systems, in particular, must be regularly updated. We are always grateful to manufacturers and distributors for gifts, or for discount facilities.




FRAME endowment fund


As a Registered Charity depending on voluntary income, FRAME is particularly vulnerable and must have sufficient reserves to withstand fluctuations in income. An Endowment Fund has therefore been established, to provide an available investment income as and when required. All donations received are gratefully acknowledged in FRAME News on an individual basis.


Fundraising events



The sponsorship and joint organisation of major fundraising events is of great value both to FRAME and the sponsor.


Successful past examples have included orchestral and operatic evenings sponsored by L’Oréal UK, a piano recital sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive Ltd., and a national prize draw sponsored by SmithKline Beecham.


These types of events not only raise valuable funds, and enhance greater awareness of FRAME, but are also a good PR exercise for the sponsor.


FRAME welcomes discussions with companies willing to consider such sponsorship.


Back-up funding


Money specifically given for research, education or any other designated purpose, cannot be used for other purposes, but technical services, research administration, office and equipment maintenance, general administration and the production of FRAME literature, including FRAME News, have to be funded.



Annual corporate donations of £1,000 or more to fund these core activities are very welcome.




Display the FRAME logo on your products



For corporate sponsors who support FRAME and provide more than £5,000 of funding each year, there is no additional payment required to display the FRAME logo on company literature or products for the period that the company continues to support FRAME.



For companies and corporate members who provide under £5,000 per annum of support, an additional one-off payment of £1,000 must be made in order to use the FRAME logo during the period of sponsorship.

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