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Useful Web Resources


Web Resources on Experimental Design and Statistics


Statistical Software

There are many statistical software programs which are freely available on the web. Summaries of these are available at:
The latter also lists quite a lot of literature on statistics and web sites that perform statistical calculations.

The R statistical package (available at http://www.r-project.org/ ), listed on both in the above web sites, is a free highly sophisticated and flexible statistical programming language, widely used by professional statisticians. However it is command rather than menu-driven which means that it will inevitably take some time to learn how to use it.

We suggest that a non-statistician should not tackle this except as part of a formal course but it can be recommended to anyone who plans to use statistics a lot in their future career. There are a number of books listed in the useful textbooks file which describe the R software and its use, in particular the one by Dalgaard.

Two free menu-driven programs are:
Openstat (available at: http://www.statpages.org/miller/openstat/ )
KyPlot (available at: http://www.pricelesswarehome.org/WoundedMoon/win32/kyplot.html )

These appear to have most of the statistical tests used by people attending this course, and are probably statistically reliable. However, they are not nearly as flexible as MINITAB and SPSS.


Online Statistical Text

The HyperStat on-line statistical textbook is available at: http://www.davidmlane.com/hyperstat/index.html.
This site also gives reference to statistical texts, commercial software, and further web sites which perform calculations.

A Google search on “statistics textbooks” brings up a number of on-line statistical textbooks.
For example StatSoft Electronic Statistics Textbook at: http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/elementary-concepts-in-statistics/

StatPages.org listed above also provides links to online books and manuals.


Experimental Design Resources

Michael Festing’s Website on Experimental Design and Inbred Rodent Strains: http://www.isogenic.info/index.html

Experimental Design Course Website based on the Training School: http://www.experimentaldesign.org/