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External Links to Information on Alternatives


Page redesigned February 2013


This section brings together all of the useful links referred to in previous sections in addition to many others that might be useful when searching for information on the Three Rs.


All links featured (except for ATLA and PiLAS) on these pages are external. The choice of sites is subjective, with an emphasis on quality and currency of information and/or good Web links pages. The list is not exhaustive and suggestions for additional links are welcome.

Search engines

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Northern Light







AGRICOLA: Content includes laboratory animal welfare and alternatives to animal use.


ATCC: Database of cell lines at the American Type Culture Collection.


CORDIS: Database of current research activity in the European Union.


DIMDI databases: include information from around 70 databases.


ECCAC: Database of cell lines at the European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures.


EURL ECVAM DB-ALM: The EURL ECVAM Database service on alternative methods to animal experimentation provides ready-to-use information presented as evaluated data-sheets in the form of summary records compiled by experts based on extensive bibliographic reviews, or more detailed information is provided on various aspects of  alternatives to animal testing, with main focus on toxicology assessments of chemicals and formulations. Requires free registration. 


HyperCLDB: Searchable web site with information on the holdings of a number of collections.


Jackson Laboratory Mouse Resources: Databases and acquisition, husbandry and general information for transgenic strains and in-bred rodents.


NCA: (on the development of alternatives in The Netherlands)


NIH RePORTER: Database of reports, data and analysis of National Institute of Health’s research activites (formerly CRISP database).


NORINA: A database of alternatives in education.


PubGene: A bioinformatics suite for genomics, proteomics and drug discovery.




TOXNET: Collection of factual and bibliographical databases on toxicology.


UCSC Genome Bioinformatic site: contains information about a variety of genomes and genome assemblies.


Web of Knowledge: (requires Athens login)


ZEBET alternatives database 


Information services, general sites and meta-sites


Altweb Meta-site on alternatives to animal use: Provides access to various documents, for example the ECVAM workshops, as well as links relating to the Three Rs.


Animal Welfare Information Center , US National Agricultural Library produces bibliographies, Special Reference Briefs and Fact Sheets on alternative methods, humane care, euthanasia, ethics, toxicity testing and legislation.


Antibody Resource Page: A site offering information and links related to the availability of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

CCAC: The Canadian Council on Animal Care has a section of its website dedicated to the Three Rs and Alternatives.

Electronic Zoo and NetVet: Perhaps the largest collection of links on veterinary science, animal welfare/rights, laboratory animal science and other animal-related topics in the world. The size of the site makes it slightly difficult to use. Only links are provided, with no further information or evaluation of the listed resources.


InterNICHE: International Network for Humane Education site comprises an evolving range of news, information, database access and downloads, including replacements for animals used in teaching.


Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, provides information about, and where possible, links to sources of information about alternatives, animal welfare and veterinary medicine.

Whole Mouse Catalogue: Contains links relating to the use of mice and rats (inc. transgenic) in research.

World Wide Web Resources for the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee: The most useful part of this page is the section on procedural guidelines found near the bottom.

Literature and Journals

Alternatives to Animal Testing Bibliography: From the US National Library of Medicine's specialised infromation service.


ATLA: (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals). Published by FRAME.


ALTEX: (Alternatives to Animal Experiments). This journal contains articles in German and English.


Animal Welfare: Published by UFAW, University Federation for Animal Welfare.


AWIC: Bibliographies, on diverse topics including animal welfare, environmental enrichment, animal models and alternatives to animal use.

Comparative Medicine : Published by thr American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Includes articles about animal models, biology and behavior as well as the humane care and use of laboratory animals.


ILAR Journal:(of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research)


Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science: Contains animal management and care information.


Laboratory Animals: International journal of laboratory animal science and welfare.


Laboratory Animals Limited: LAL is a registered charity whose aims are to promote education and training in laboratory animal science.


Lab Animals Magazine: Part of the Nature publishing group.

Laboratory Primate Newsletter: Covers enrichment AND welfare.


PiLAS: (Perspectives in Laboratory Animal Science) FRAME publishes PiLAS to encourage and improve the quality of discussion about animal experimentation and alternative approaches.


Toxicology in Vitro: Journal containing articles on the use of non-animal methods to predict toxicity.

Lists and Newsgroups

Compmed: CompMed is an e-mail list for discussion of comparative medicine, laboratory animals, and topics related to biomedical research. It is limited to participants who are involved in some aspect of biomedical research or veterinary medicine, including veterinarians, technicians, animal facility managers, researchers, and graduate/veterinary students.


GoogleGroups: An improved way to participate in online discussions. It’s easy to get started: search or browse for topics that interest you or sign in to see all of your groups.


LAREF: Refinement Forum of the Animal Welfare Institute. Need to sign up to join but there are links to published LAREF discussions.

Tile.Net:  A reference guide to email newsletters and discussion lists.