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I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here - week 1

LogoYesterday (June 16) Michelle answered questions from four school groups in online chatrooms, moderated by "I'm a Scientist" organisers. She found the experience interesting, if a little hectic.


"They were asking questions very quickly and, at one point, I was the only scientist available to answer them. The questions were really interesting though. Some were quite challenging.


"It is giving me an insight into what topics are important to teenagers today. They seem to be interested in a wide range of topical subjects but some have rather stereotypical views of what a scientist is and does."


"I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here" enables school students to talk directly to a panel of 100 scientists over a period of two weeks.


Youngsters can ask any questions they like, not just about science, and then they vote for the scientist they like the best. Next Tuesday the first eviction will take place as the scientist with the least votes is removed from the contest then there will be daily evictions until only one survives. 


 FRAME Science Officer Michelle is currently conducting research into the use of non-human primates in medical science which she hopes will lead to a PhD next year.


If you would like to follow I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here you can see it online at  http://drugsj10.imascientist.org.uk/


Or you can follow it on Twitter @imascientist or through the hashtag #ias2010


Archived 22 June 2010