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Laboratory animal welfare is included in election campaign

bigbenThere has been an enthusiastic response from most of the parties in support of FRAME policies. Here is a representative sample of the kind of replies received.


The most replies came from the Green Party, which has animal welfare as one of its key policies.  Sushila Dhall, candidate for Oxford East, said: “Green Party policy is to phase out all animal testing on the grounds that animals care sentient beings who can suffer. We are aware that it is not neccessary to use animals to test human products and that there are now various alternatives to animal testing.”


The second highest number of replies came from the UK Independence Party. UKIP candidate for Camborne and Redruth Derek Elliott tried out FRAME’s policies by asking friends and relatives, including his vegetarian daughter, for their opinion. His response: “I was very surprised to come across such a wide range of views and was delighted that so many people wanted to discuss these issues. My conclusion therefore is that the least I would do is to propose that this question was put to a national referendum as this cannot be decided upon by one person.”


Third highest response rate was from Liberal Democrat candidates. Ian Jenkins is standing in the Aldridge-Brownhills constituency. He said: “I support your objectives, largely because I do not believe that results of tests conducted on animals will be necessarily relevant to human beings. I would rather be safe, when using pharmaceuticals, and I would certainly feel safer knowing that testing was more rigorous and appropriate.”


Labour candidate for Scunthorpe County Nic Dakin said: “I have had a lot of correspondence about animal welfare and testing issues during this campaign.  I am happy to support FRAME's objectives.”


Conservative David Rutley of Macclesfield said: “We are concerned by the upward trend in the use of animals in scientific procedures.  Our long-term vision is for the gradual phasing out of animal testing but an immediate outright ban would have potentially damaging consequences, so we need a step by step process to replace animal use with viable alternatives.”


FRAME also received messages of support from several Independent candidates as well as the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru, the English Democrats, Animals Count and the Pirate Party.


Archived May 10,  2010