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Success for FRAME in Rome

Almost 1000 people attended World Congress 7 and delegates had the opportunity to find out more about FRAME and its work in a variety of ways.  Each received a copy of The Three Rs and the Humanity Criterion, a revised and updated version of The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique, abridged by FRAME chairman Michael Balls.

BookThe book was especially well received among foreign delegates because it was designed to help those who are not native English speakers. Russell and Burch's original sometimes uses complex language, which makes it difficult for foreign readers.

Scientific staff presented a number of posters outlining FRAME's latest desk-based research and there were others explaining current developments at the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory. They generated a great deal of interest among attendees, with many requesting more information.


There was also a FRAME stand in the accompanying exhibition where delegates could find out more about the charity and its work. standA number of new promotional materials  produced specially for the event proved popular, particularly a CD featuring information about FRAME and its work. FRAME staff were able to meet very many old friends and new contacts throughout the scientific community. 


Chairman of FRAME Trustees Michael Balls addressed the conference on The principles of humane experimental technique: timeless insights and unheeded warnings - a review of progress in the Three Rs since Russell and Burch first put forward the idea.


He was named a Patron of Animal Welfare in the Life Sciences at a special recognition event on the final day.


Archived 16 September 2009