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Support for animal testing falls in USA

graph downwardsGallup has reported a drop from 66% to 47% of 18 to 34-year-olds since 2001. A survey carried out in that year showed similar views among all age groups, but in the past 12 years the gap has widened.


The survey covered a range of ethical questions and asked people in the age groups 18 to 24, 35 t0 55, and over 55, whether specific acts were morally acceptable. 


Acceptance has also fallen among the older age groups, although not so far.  In 2001, 63% of over 55s found animal testing acceptable, which has fallen to 61%. At the same time 64% among 35 to 55-year olds has fallen to 60%.


Over the same period support for stem cell research has risen.  In the youngest age group support has gone up from 65% to 69%; the middle group has changed from 63% to 66%; but among the oldest people surveyed support has risen from 48% to 69%.


Other questions related to sexual matters. The Gallup report says: "For many of these items, moral acceptance has seen significant change across all age groups, with the largest changes in acceptance of certain issues among Americans aged 55 and older.


"Other items - such as divorce, premarital sex, and embryonic stem cell research - have seen a slight increase in support among younger Americans and a dramatic increase among older Americans. Only on one issue -- attitudes toward animal testing -- has acceptance significantly declined, with the shift concentrated among those aged 18 to 34."


The figures are based on the annual Gallup Values and Beliefs poll, conducted each May.

Archived June 19, 2013.