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Dutch Motion on Systematic Reviews

papersA Systematic Review is a thorough analysis of earlier conducted and published experiments. The use of SRs in animal studies improves scientific quality and prevent unnecessary duplication of animal studies and thus unnecessary animal use.

The 2nd International Symposium on Systematic Reviews in Laboratory Animal Science debated a motion on systematic reviews (SRs) that was adopted by the Dutch Parliament. The motion asks the government to help make SRs the norm for animal studies, just as they are for human studies.

“SRs are the standard in the medical sciences, but this is not yet the case for animal studies. Therefore, the parliament requests the government to ensure that SRs will become the norm or the standard for animal studies as well, just as they are in regular science.”

In addition to the motion on SRs becoming the norm for animal studies, a related motion on data storage was adopted on the same day.
This motion asks for data storage to avoid unnecessary duplication of animal studies.

“Because at this moment there is not yet a uniform registration of (the results of) research in laboratory animals, it can happen that animal studies are unnecessarily duplicated. The Parliament therefore asks the government to take care of a structured data storage of laboratory animal experimentation in the Netherlands and to make proposals for the accessibility of these data”.

How these matters will be dealt with in practice will be discussed in a general consultation between the Ministry and a Parliamentary Commission for Economic Affairs on April 10.

For more information on SRs see SYRCLE


Archived June 3, 2013