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FRAME strategic planning poster now in Italian

posterThe original Strategic Planning Chart For Reducing Animal Use in Biomedical Science was drawn up by the FRAME Reduction Steering Committee some years ago. It is aimed at helping researchers to design experiments in a way that will minimise the number of animals used.


Now increased attendance at FRAME training schools by European students had led to the expansion into other languages. Italian joins the Spanish, German and French versions which are already available.


Experiments using animals do not normally occur as isolated ‘one-off’ studies, and assessment of experimental results in the context of the complete programme may offer considerable scope for decreasing overall severity and reducing the number of animals.


Experimental design texts usually provide no guidance on how to design an individual experiment to minimise severity, or on how to organise a sequence of experiments.


A well-planned programme incorporating the steps indicated on the poster should allow the achievement of an experimental goal that involves minimal animal use and severity, while maximising the quality of the resultant scientific output.


FRAME Scientific Officer Michelle Hudson said: “We offer training schools in experimental design and statistical analysis and they are always very popular with European researchers. By creating these posters we hope to reach many more laboratories across the continent.


“We are very grateful to everyone who has helped make these posters possible, particularly those who have given their time to translate them for us.”


At present the foreign language versions are only available to download but if demand is high enough FRAME will consider producing printed copies. Email michelle@frame.org.uk if you would like a significant number.


 Click here to download the posters


Archived March 15 2012