The latest FRAME Annual Lecture was a huge success and sparked an in-depth debate on the future of drug development and testing.

Speaker Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director of Academic Liaison at Glaxo Smith Kline, discussed using innovation to promote the Three Rs. He outlined changes in the use of animals to test new drugs and demonstrated how many fewer are used in drug development today than a decade ago.

He also described some of the new methods that have enabled pharmaceutical companies to carry out the reduction in numbers, including increased use of human cells and tissues, and mass spectrometry techniques.

He explained how collaboration and sharing data leads to greater statistical significance of results and avoids duplication of animal experiments during the development process.

Among the invited audience at the Kennel Club in London was Dr Brian May, advocate and campaigner for animal rights, and founder of the wildlife protection organisation Save Me.

A video of the talk is available by clicking here.