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New research casts doubt on monkeys as drug testing model

FRAME is calling for increased investment in cell-based and computer methods of drug testing following new research that demonstrates serious flaws in an animal model. Cynomolgus monkeys are considered a valuable species for drug testing because of their size and their relatively close genetic parallels with humans. Now new experiments to investigate how the liver [...]

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FRAME Annual Lecture 2014

The latest FRAME Annual Lecture was a huge success and sparked an in-depth debate on the future of drug development and testing. Speaker Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director of Academic Liaison at Glaxo Smith Kline, discussed using innovation to promote the Three Rs. He outlined changes in the use of animals to test new drugs and [...]

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FRAME’s new Director

FRAME has appointed a new Director to oversee its research programme at the Nottingham office. Dr Gerry Kenna is a drug safety scientist with extensive industrial safety assessment experience, including 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to that he had a highly successful academic career. He is recognised nationally and internationally in the field [...]

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A ‘road map’ toward ending severe suffering of laboratory animals

The RSPCA has drawn up a plan that aims to end severe suffering for animals used in research and testing.  The road-map has been released in response to changes in EU and UK legislation and has been published in FRAME’s scientific journal ATLA. Until now scientists have not been required to record how many test [...]

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Spreading the Three Rs message to China

An abridged version of the book that first set out the Three Rs principles of alternatives to animal experimentation has been translated into Chinese, and will be distributed to libraries and universities throughout China. China has so far been slow to adopt alternatives - cosmetics testing on animals is still required by law there, for [...]

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More collaboration needed in the hunt for new drugs

FRAME is calling for more collaboration between alternatives organisations, government and the pharmaceutical industry following publication of a new investigation of preclinical drugs  trials using laboratory animals. Scientific papers covering more than 2,300 substances tested on rats, mice and rabbits were analysed to measure the likelihood ratio that chemicals showing no adverse reactions would behave the [...]

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Home Office statistics on lab animal use released

A further increase in the use of genetically altered (GA) animals in laboratories flouts EU regulations and is in direct opposition to the UK Government’s pledge to reduce the numbers involved.  If the Government is going to keep its promise it needs to address this question urgently in order to stop the upward trend. FRAME is [...]

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Locating the Middle Ground

A ‘middle ground’ exists, where the advocates and the opponents of vivisection can usefully negotiate, but where exactly is it? Discussions on the use of animals in scientific and medical experiments often attract extreme points of view where two opposing sides appear to be intractable and no possibility of compromise exists. But there are many [...]

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Response to monkey ‘avatar’ research

Call for research to move to humans as soon as possible FRAME welcomes the fact that researchers who carried out an experiment offering hope to spine-damaged patients have, where possible, minimised the distress for the animals involved, but hopes that the project will move onto human models as soon as possible. A US-based team used [...]

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Our new website

As part of an ongoing programme of modernisation FRAME has overhauled its website and updated the content. The process began two years ago with the launch of PiLAS (Perspectives in Laboratory Animal Science), which was given its own online presence as well as being published in print as part of FRAME's peer-reviewed journal ATLA (Alternatives [...]

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