FRAME’s viewpoints on a number of topics.

Stem cells

FRAME believes that stem cells are potentially invaluable alternatives to conducting some of the most distressing experiments in sentient animals.

Stem cell research is still in its infancy but could result in more sensitive and relevant tests that might replace animal tests that cause foetal deformities and death over several generations.

FRAME supports the work of the UK tissue […]

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Facelifts, baldness and botulinum toxin (aka Botox)

FRAME is deeply concerned about the use of botulinum toxin (like botox) for cosmetic purposes, and the apparent indifference by its users to the intense animal suffering its production causes.  There is no excuse for animals being subjected to painful and distressing procedures for the sake of human vanity.

FRAME was delighted when a new, non-animal […]

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FRAME has serious concerns about the use of animals as transplant donors for humans (xenotransplantation) because of the conditions in which donor animals would need to be housed and the potential harm to the animal of carrying the necessary parts of the human genetic code that make xenotransplantation possible.

FRAME supports a reassessment of the current […]

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Would you use a medicine that had been tested on animals?

FRAME does not give a definitive answer to this question because it is very subjective. Individual people draw the line between what is, and what is not, acceptable in different places.

Some people would choose not to take a headache tablet if many animals had been killed in its production, but the same people might take […]

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Using human volunteers

FRAME believes that animals should not be used to test products that can be safely tested using human volunteers and supports the use of donated human tissues and cells for use in research that replaces animal experiments.

Human information, such as genetic data and medical records are sources of information that can be used in medical […]

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Animal rights and terrorism

FRAME does not condone any form of terrorist activities on the part of individuals or organisations, such as animal rights groups, that threaten the lives or property of those who are either directly or indirectly associated with the use of laboratory animals.

FRAME is strictly based on scientific principles and believes that the proper and realistic […]

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