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FRAME response to mouse head transplant reports

FRAME has responded to recent press stories of mouse head transplants being carried out in China. The Wall Street Journal has reported that surgeon Professor Xiaoping Ren has carried out procedures on more than 1,000 mice, and plans to extend his work to non-human primates - even though none of the mice has survived for more than [...]

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Students drink coffee to replace animal tests

A university in the United Arab Emirates has introduced a human-based experiment as a way of replacing animal models of the effects of drugs on body organs. Medical students now dose themselves with coffee to observe how the stimulant properties of caffeine affect them. The new scheme is described in the latest edition of PiLAS [...]

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FRAME response to EU “Stop Vivisection” initiative

The discussion this week of the “Stop Vivisection” initiative has highlighted several extremely important issues. Firstly, the high priority that needs to be given to replacement of animal experiments with scientifically valid alternatives. Secondly, the limited relevance to human disease processes of many animal studies. Thirdly, the poor understanding across much of society of why [...]

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What will drive the end of animal testing?

In spite of campaigns by many bodies and individuals for an end to animal experimentation the numbers used in procedures in UK laboratories continue to rise. If a change is to happen there must be a driver behind it. Here we discuss some of the forces involved in the question of implementing Replacement. We would [...]

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Animal-free challenge for young researchers

Young scientists who wish to go into a career without ever being expected to use animals need to be determined, resourceful and tenacious. That is the conclusion of new research published in FRAME’s  online discussion board PiLAS. It is based on a survey into attitudes faced by young scientists, carried out as part of the [...]

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Education outreach – Cardiff

As part of its education outreach, FRAME takes part each year in a lecture session at the University of Cardiff. Students from the undergraduate biomedical class hear from various bodies concerned with animal use and welfare and are able to discuss the topic afterwards. This year FRAME Scientific Officer Kevin Coll gave a presentation on [...]

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2015 Björn Ekwall Award

FRAME Life President and editor of its journal ATLA, Professor Michael Balls, has been chosen to receive the 2015 Björn Ekwall Memorial Award. The Award honours the memory of Swedish researcher Björn Ekwall (pictured) by recognising scientists who have substantially contributed to the field of animal-free safety testing , for example by developing new in [...]

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New FRAME Training School date announced

When scientists carry out experiments it is vitally important they are well designed, otherwise they may waste resources or give the wrong answers. This is especially serious when animals are used. Good planning and design can have a major impact on reducing animal usage in research programmes and the the welfare of the animals used. [...]

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FRAME Annual Lecture 2014

The latest FRAME Annual Lecture was a huge success and sparked an in-depth debate on the future of drug development and testing. Speaker Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director of Academic Liaison at Glaxo Smith Kline, discussed using innovation to promote the Three Rs. He outlined changes in the use of animals to test new drugs and [...]

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A ‘road map’ toward ending severe suffering of laboratory animals

The RSPCA has drawn up a plan that aims to end severe suffering for animals used in research and testing.  The road-map has been released in response to changes in EU and UK legislation and has been published in FRAME’s scientific journal ATLA. Until now scientists have not been required to record how many test [...]

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