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If you are unsure about the content of the website and wish to simply browse by topic, the A-Z index may be useful. 

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AAVS animal alternatives research grants - Research grants offered
aavs animal experiments non human primates USA - Primates By the Numbers
address - Contact FRAME
All party parliamentary FRAME group statistics European directive - Animal experiments statistics debate in Parliament
and Clinical animal research ethics - FRAME chapter in implant dentistry text book
andrew bennett FRAME Trustee FAL director - FRAME appoints new trustee
Animal experimentation Using Human cells and tissues Research involving non-human primates Genetically modified animals How to reduce the numbers of animals used in experiments How to conduct risk assessment Vaccines and animal testing - Leaflets
animal experiments animal experimentation apes primates research schistosomiasis parkinsons disease - The use of non-human primates in laboratories
animal experiments FRAME NC3Rs - NC3Rs calls for better animal test reporting
Animal research Against animal research training reduction FRAME reduction steering committee experimental design - Another successful FRAME training school
animal research FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments experiments Three Rs Replacement Refinement Reduction research laboratory animals lab animals museum animals laboratory animals human alternatives press releases animal experiments - Press Releases
animal rights terrorism - Animal rights and terrorism
animal testing household products FRAME - FRAME welcomes Home Secretary's announcement
animals - FRAME News
annual lectrure professor michel goldman kennel club IMI - The 14th FRAME Annual Lecture
annual lecture animal experiments liver function - 2011 FRAME Annual Lecture
annual lecture three rs FRAME - 2013 FRAME Annual Lecture
annual report 2008-9 2008 2009 FRAME - Annual Report 08-09 issued
appfg parliamentary group FRAME Three Rs - FRAME meeting MPs at Westminster
Earlier news
ARDF research grants - Research Grants
ATLA Alternatives News Conferences - ATLA
atla alternatives to laboratory animals free access - Early issues of ATLA to be free access
ATLA alternatives to laboratory animals scientific journal international three rs research - New ATLA issued
atla animal testing toxicity testing - Toxicity testing: the need for new maps for the future
atla editorial office enquiry - Contact the Editorial Office
ATLA FRAME funding - FRAME moves to secure the future of its scientific journal
atla indian symposium International Symposium on Alternate Models in Biological Research - ATLA to publish Indian symposium abstracts
ATLA subscriptions 2013 - Purchasing & Subscription Information
award three Rs animal experimentation replacement - £20k prize for best paper with 3Rs impact


fal frame alternatives laboratory liver damage cancer colorectal cancer chemotherapy - FAL working on human liver model
flying banana cycle ride lands end john o'groats fundraising - Flying Banana supports FRAME ....
flying banana fund rainng success cyclist lands end john ogroats - Money coming in for Flying Banana
for the love of animals book special offer - Help FRAME - buy a book
Preparing for Science Week
FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments experiments Three Rs Replacement Refinement Reduction research laboratory animals lab animals About Frame - About FRAME
FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments experiments Three Rs Replacement Refinement Reduction research laboratory animals lab animals News - Earlier news
frame pilas website - New FRAME initiative
FRAME chairman resignation Trustees Dr Anna Cadogan - FRAME Chairman steps down
FRAME FAL International Conference Alernatives Animal Experimentation - FAL Director to speak at international conference
FRAME Reduce replace refine Animal experiments medical experiments Three Rs Research Research - What FRAME does
FRAME alternative laboratory Politics show BBC TV - FRAME on the Politics Show
FRAME enews - Sign up for FRAME e-news
FRAME Experimental Design Poster Now Available in Spanish Strategic Planning Chart For Reducing Animal Use in Biomedical Science - FRAME Experimental Design Poster Now Available in Spanish
FRAME is 40 mission statement - ATLA downloads
FRAME News Friends of FRAME - Become a Friend of FRAME
FRAME reduction steering committee training school experimental design statistical analysis biomedical experiments University of Manchester - FRAME Reduction Steering Committee Training School
FRAME Reduction Steering Committee chart reducing animal use strategic planning chart FRSC strategic planning flowchart reduction experimental design Strategic planning chart for reducing animal use in biomedical science experimental design experiment design - New reduction strategic planning chart
FRAME Reduction Steering Committee projects Training schools resources - Training Schools
FRAMENews FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments News Anne Jeffery News - FRAME News
Earlier news
fundraising frame wonderwoman cecilia cabodi - Wonderwoman races for FRAME


hegarty parliament royal society marchig charity frame fund replacement animals medical experiments - The History of FRAME
Home Office Animal Procedures Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Welfare - Animal experimentation in the UK continues to rise
home office animal tests tests on household products FRAME response - FRAME responds to Home Office consultation
Home office ASPA Animal experiments Law - Home Office issues guides to ASPA changes
home office eu directive animals used for scientific purposes vivisection FRAME - Government response on new EU Directive
Home Office FRAME Animal tests animal experiments - Disappointment over UK animal tests plan
home office frame fund for the replacement of animals in medical experiments animals in science - Animals in Science Committee recruitment
home office guidance document - New UK Home Office guidance issued
home office statistics comments fall trends - Home Office Statistics released
home office stray dogs and cats animal experiments - Clarification on stray cats and dogs in experiments
Home Office Statistics
FRAME concerned over further increase in laboratory animal use
New Home Office figures released
home office statistics use of animals in scientific procedures - New Home Office statistics for 2012 released
hope for an end to animal experiments decade michael balls world service broadcast hope animal experimentation - FRAME chairman offers hope for an end to animal experiments
hsus Russell and Burch award 2014 - HSUS seeks nominations for 2014 Russell and Burch Award
human stem cells - Stem cell toxicity model
human volunteers tissue samples - Using human volunteers