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Leicester scientists to unlock the secrets of the biological clock

27 July 2015  Scientists in Leicester are tackling two of the most critical questions to ageing – why do some people stay healthy in older age while others succumb to chronic disease, and what can we do about it? Read more at UK Biobank

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Home Office animal welfare stakeholder meeting

As part of its policy of collaboration with Government, industry and academia, FRAME regularly attends the Home Office Animal Welfare Stakeholder Meetings to share information and data.

At the latest meeting Home Office officials warned that the report of statistics on procedures carried out on laboratory animals in the UK will be delayed this year because […]

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FRAME welcomes EU strategy document

FRAME has welcomed a new EU strategy designed to promote ways of integrating data obtained through non-animal tests with computer models of the human body. The strategy aims to reduce animal testing while improving the protection of human health from exposure to chemicals.

The strategy has been published by the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to […]

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EU body publishes new testing strategy

17 July 2015 The EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL Ecvam), part of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, has just published a strategy calling for more integration of non-animal methods into testing. The strategy aims at reducing animal testing while improving the protection of human health from exposure to chemicals.
More information at EU […]

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Biocides Asia

15 July 2015 South Korea has recently issued threshold limits for a range of biocides. Its Ministry of Environment (MoE) has published a list of product safety and labelling standards for disinfectants, insect repellents and preservatives. A Priority Existing Chemicals (PEC) list was published on 1 July detailing 510 substances that must be registered before […]

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Human bone models in vitro

The FRAME Alternatives Lab is able to differentiate human mononuclear blood cells into human osteoclasts (bone eating cells). Osteoclast dysfunction has been observed in a variety of bone diseases including osteoarthritis. The lab is currently investigating potential therapeutic agents which will decrease osteoclast activity in arthritis and reduce bone and joint damage.

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Machine-made drugs

10 July 2015. Faster routes to new drugs. Using computers to speed up the drug discovery process. More at New Scientist.

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Publications database

Throughout its almost 50 year history FRAME’s researchers have authored very many scientific papers in both its own journal and others. They have also submitted articles to publications aimed at lay people, in order to promote the Three Rs to educators and the general public.

In addition they have written or translated a number of books […]

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Stanford University makes stem cells available

8 July 2015. Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (SCVI) at Stanford University is offering researchers access to their growing collection of iPS cell lines as well as creating iPS cells from samples sent to them. More at Stanford Website.

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