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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 36, No 6

December 2008


Michael Balls
Editorial: Animal Experimentation: Weighing the Benefits Against the Suffering    [ PDF ]

Letters  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Thomas Hartung
Toward a New Toxicology — Evolution or Revolution?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Shigenobu Hagino, Yuuko Okazaki and Hiroshi Itagaki
An In Vitro Tier Evaluation for the Identification of Cosmetic Ingredients Which are Not Ocular Irrit  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Kumiko Hayashi, Kiyoshi Sasaki, Shin Asada, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Makoto Hayashi, Isao Yoshimura, Noriho Tanaka and Makoto Umeda
Technical Modification of the Balb/c 3T3 Cell Transformation Assay: The Use of Serum-reduced Medium to Optimise the Practicability of the Protocol  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Nicola Bourne, Richard H. Clothier, Marco D’Arienzo and Paul Harrison
The Effects of Terahertz Radiation on Human Keratinocyte Primary Cultures and Neural Cell Cultures  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Jane Cooper
Batch Safety Testing of Veterinary Vaccines — Potential Welfare Implications of Injection Volumes  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michelle Hudson
Comment: The Home Office Statistics for 2007 — Mutant Mice and Fishy Tales  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Octavio Augusto França Presgrave
Comment: The Need for the Establishment of a Brazilian Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (BraCVAM)  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Andrew Knight
Comment: Reviewing Existing Knowledge Prior to Conducting Animal Studies  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michael Balls
Comments: The Way Forward for Reproductive/Developmental Toxicity Testing  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Horst Spielmann
Comments: Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Testing: Animal Studies are Not Predictive for Humans  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Susanne Bremer
Comments: The Need for Realism in Reproductive Toxicity Testing  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Jarrod Bailey
Comments: Developmental Toxicity Testing: Protecting Future Generations?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Rita Seabra and Nirmala Bhogal
Conference Reports: 15th International Congress of the Europe Society of In Vitro Toxicology (ESTIV)  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michelle Hudson
Conference Reports: Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA) Winter Meeting 2008  [ Abstract ]