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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 35, No 2

May 2007


Michael Balls
Editorial: Time for Real Action on Chimpanzees and Other Hominids    [ PDF ]

News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

ECVAM News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

IIVS News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Bjarne W. Kristensen, Morten Blaabjerg, Jens Noraberg and Jens Zimmer
Long-term, Repeated Dose In Vitro Neurotoxicity of the Glutamate Receptor Antagonist L-AP3, Demonstrated in Rat Hippocampal Slice Cultures by Using Continuous Propidium Iodide Incubation  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Pieter M. Verbost, Jan van der Valk and Coenraad F.M. Hendriksen
Effects of the Introduction of In Vitro Assays on the Use of Experimental Animals in Pharmacological Research  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Milonv Tichý, Marián Rucki, Iveta Hanzlíková and Zdenevk Roth
The Tubifex tubifex Assay for the Determination of Acute Toxicity  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Christina Grindon
The New EU REACH Regulation Has Finally Been Adopted: Is This the End of the Campaign Trail… or Just the Beginning?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ian Kimber, Raymond Agius, David A. Basketter, Emanuela Corsini, Paul Cullinan, Rebecca J. Dearman, Elena Gimenez-Arnau, Leona Greenwell, Thomas Hartung, Frieke Kuper, Piero Maestrelli, Erwin Roggen and Costanza Rovida
Chemical Respiratory Allergy: Opportunities for Hazard Identification and Characterisation: The Report and Recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 60  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Robert Combes, Christina Grindon, Mark T.D. Cronin, David W. Roberts and John Garrod
Comment: Proposed Integrated Decision-tree Testing Strategies for Mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity in Relation to the EU REACH Legislation  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Robert D. Combes
Comment: Why ‘Suitable’ In Vitro Methods, as Defined in the Final EU REACH Legislation, are an Inappropriate Basis for Risk Assessment  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]