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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 26, S2

August 1998


Erik Walum and Björn Ekwall
Introduction: The Hunt for Optimal Reference Data in the MEIC Programme    [ PDF ]

Björn Ekwall, Cecilia Clemedson, Balcarras Crafoord, Barbro Ekwall, Sara Hallander, Erik Walum and Inger Bondesson
MEIC Evaluation of Acute Systemic Toxicity: Part V. Rodent and Human Toxicity Data for the 50 Reference Chemicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Björn Ekwall, Frank A. Barile, Argelia Castano, Cecilia Clemedson, Richard H. Clothier, Paul Dierickx, Barbro Ekwall, Margherita Ferro, Geirid Fiskesjö, Lourdes Garza-Ocañas Maria José Gómez-Lechón, Michael Gülden, Tony Hall, Boris Isomaa, Anne Kahru, Gustaw Kerszman, Udo Kristen, Manabu Kunimoto, Sirpa Kärenlampi, Lillemor Lewan, Anatoly Loukianov, Tadao Ohno, Guido Persoone, Lennart Romert, Thomas W. Sawyer, Ravi hrivastava, Helmut Segner, Annalaura Stammati, Noriho Tanaka, Matteo Valentino, Erik Walum and Flavia Zucco
MEIC Evaluation of Acute Systemic Toxicity: Part VI. The Prediction of Human Toxicity by Rodent LD50 Values and Results From 61 In Vitro Methodsn4  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]