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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 30, S2

December 2002


The Importance of ECVAM    [ PDF ]

Michael Balls
The Establishment of ECVAM and its Progress Since 1993  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Andrew P. Worth and Michael Balls
The Principles of Validation and the ECVAM Validation Process  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

William S. Stokes, Leonard M. Schechtman and Richard N. Hill
The Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM): A Review of the ICCVAM Test Method Evaluation Process and Current International Collaborations with the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM)  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Horst Spielmann and Manfred Liebsch
Validation Successes: Chemicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Coenraad Hendriksen, Klaus Cussler and Marlies Halder
ECVAM's Role in the Implementation of the Three Rs Concept in the Field of Biologicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Thomas Hartung and Members of the Human(e) Pyrogen Test Study Group
Comparison and Validation of Novel Pyrogen Tests Based on the Human Fever Reaction  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Tracey Duff, Simon Carter, Gemma Feldman, Gordon McEwan, Walter Pfaller, Pauline Rhodes, Michael Ryan and Gabrielle Hawksworth
Transepithelial Resistance and Inulin Permeability as Endpoints in In Vitro Nephrotoxicity Testing  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Julia H. Fentem and Philip A. Botham
ECVAM's Activities in Validating Alternative Tests for Skin Corrosion and Irritation  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Rodger D. Curren and John W. Harbell
Ocular Safety: A Silent (In Vitro) Success Story  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Augusto Pessina, Beatriz Albella, Maria Bayo, Juan Bueren, Paul Brantom, Silvia Casati, Cristina Croera, Ralph Parchment, Dominique Parent-Massin, Greet Schoeters, Yann Sibiri, Rosette Van Den Heuvel and Laura Gribaldo
In Vitro Tests for Haematotoxicity: Prediction of Drug- induced Myelosuppression by the CFU-GM Assay  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Mark T.D. Cronin
The Current Status and Future Applicability of Quantitative Structure-activity Relationships (QSARs) in Predicting Toxicity  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Bas J. Blaauboer
The Necessity of Biokinetic Information in the Interpretation of In Vitro Toxicity Data  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ludwig A. Hothorn
Selected Biostatistical Aspects of the Validation of In Vitro Toxicological Assays  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Pilar Prieto
Barriers, Nephrotoxicology and Chronic Testing In Vitro  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Susanne Bremer, Cristian Pellizzer, Sarah Adler, Martin Paparella and Jan de Lange
Development of a Testing Strategy for Detecting Embryotoxic Hazards of Chemicals In Vitro by using Embryonic Stem Cell Models   [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Laura Gribaldo
Haematotoxicology: Scientific Basis and Regulatory Aspects  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Sandra Coecke, Chantra Eskes, Joanne Gartion, Erwin van Vliet, Agnieszka Kinsner, Alessia Bogni, Laura Raimondo, Nicholaos Parissis and Ingrid Langezaal
Metabolism and Neurotoxicity: The Significance of Genetically Engineered Cell Lines and New Three- Dimensional Cell Cultures  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Valérie Zuang
ECVAM's Research and Validation Activities in the Fields of Topical Toxicity and Human Studies  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Marlies Halder, Michael Balls, Coenraad Hendriksen and Klaus Cussler
ECVAM's Activities on Biologicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Raffaella Corvi
Genomics: An In Vitro Toxicology Point of View  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Andrew P. Worth
ECVAM's Activities on Computer Modelling and Integrated Testing  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Annett Janusch Roi
The ECVAM Scientific Information Service (SIS)  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Krys Bottrill
Information: Needs for the Future  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Robert D. Combes
The ECVAM Workshops: A Critical Assessment of their Impact on the Development, Validation and Acceptance of Alternative Methods  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Roman Kolar
ECVAM: Desperately Needed or Superfluous? An Animal Welfare Perspective  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Richard Clothier
ECVAM's Collaboration with Academia  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Philip A. Botham
ECVAM, ECETOC and the EU Chemicals Policy  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Odile de Silva
The Contributions of the European Cosmetics Industry to the Development of Alternatives to Animal Testing: Dialogue with ECVAM and Future Challenges  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Bernward Garthoff
Dialogue and Collaboration with ECVAM: The View of the EFPIA  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Vera Rogiers
ecopa: A Powerful Concept in the Way Forward for Alternative Methods  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Dariusz Sladowski and Marlies Halder
ECVAM's Activities in the EU Candidate Countries  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Herman B.W.M. Koëter
Dialogue and Collaboration: A Personal View on Laboratory Animal Welfare Developments in General, and on ECVAM's First Decade in Particular  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Jürgen Vogelgesang
The EC White Paper on a Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Regina Schumann
The Seventh Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive: what does DG Enterprise want from ECVAM?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Susanna Louhimies
Directive 86/609/EEC on the Protection of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Philippe Vanparys
ECVAM and Pharmaceuticals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Klaus Cussler, Marlies Halder and Coenraad Hendriksen
Future Activities: ECVAM and the Quality Control of Biologicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Leonard M. Schechtman and William S. Stokes
ECVAM-ICCVAM: Prospects for Future Collaboration  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michael Balls
The Future of ECVAM: A Personal Perspective  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]