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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 30, No 3

May 2002


Michael Balls
Editorial: Alternatives to Animal Experiments: "Goodbye ECVAM, Hello FRAME"  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Eckbert Wilhelmi, Ulrich H. Schöder, Akilah Benabdallah, Frank Sieg,1 Jörg Breder and Klaus G. Reymann
Organotypic Brain-slice Cultures from Adult Rats: Approaches for a Prolonged Culture Time  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Stephan Zinke, Ingrid Gerner & Eva Schlede
Evaluation of a Rule Base for Identifying Contact Allergens by using a Regulatory Database: Comparison of Data on Chemicals Notified in the European Union with “Structural Alerts” Used in the DEREK Expert System  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ruud van den Bos, Klaske J. van der Horst, Annemarie M. Baars and Berry M. Spruijt
Is it Possible to Replace Stimulus Animals by Scent-filled Cups in the Social Discrimination Test?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Anna Forsby
The Nineteenth Workshop of the Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology  [ Abstract ]  

Anna Forsby
In Vitro Toxicity: Mechanisms, Alternatives and Validation - A Report from the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ellen M. Scheers, Anna Forsby and Paul J. Dierickx
Cytotoxicity of Amino Alcohols to Rat Hepatoma-derived Fa32 Cells  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Cecilia Clemedson, Marika Nordin-Andersson, Henning F. Bjerregaard, Jørgen Clausen, Anna Forsby, Helena Gustafsson, Ulrika Hansson, Boris Isomaa, Carsten Jørgensen, Ada Kolman, Natalia Kotova, Gunter Krause, Udo Kristen, Kalle Kurppa, Lennart Romert and Ellen Scheers
Development of an In Vitro Test Battery for the Estimation of Acute Human Systemic Toxicity: An Outline of the EDIT Project  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Udo Kristen, Natalie Bischoff, Saskia Lisboa, Enno Schirmer, Sören Witt and Hartmut Quader
Morphology of Cell Injury: An Approach to the EDIT Programme by the Use of Tobacco Pollen Tubes  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Lucie Wolz, Günter Krause and Gerhard Scherer
The Comet Assay with MCL-5 Cells as an Indicator of Genotoxic Treatment with Chemicals and Cigarette Smoke Condensate  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Mette Nielsen & Jørgen Clausen
Chemical Tests as Alternatives to Animal Tests in Research on Late Symptoms in Diabetes  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

ECVAM News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Letter  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Book Reviews  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]