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Structural alert for the prospective identification of tetracycline phototoxicity

ATLA Volume 32, No 5

November 2004


Robert D. Combes
Editorial: The Current OECD Health Effects Test Guidelines Are In Urgent Need of Revision  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Thomas Hartung, Susanne Bremer, Silvia Casati, Sandra Coecke, Raffaella Corvi, Salvador Fortaner, Laura Gribaldo, Marlies Halder, Sebastian Hoffmann, Annett Janusch Roi, Pilar Prieto, Enrico Sabbioni, Laurie Scott, Andrew Worth and Valérie Zuang
A Modular Approach to the ECVAM Principles on Test Validity  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michelle Hudson and Nirmala Bhogal
Scientific Procedures on Living Animals in Great Britain in 2003: The Facts, Figures and Consequences  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ingrid Gerner, Martin D. Barratt, Stephan Zinke, Kerstin Schlegel and Eva Schlede
Development and Prevalidation of a List of Structure–Activity Relationship Rules to be Used in Expert Systems for Prediction of the Skin-sensitising Properties of Chemicals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Martin D. Barratt
Structure–Activity Relationships and Prediction of the Phototoxicity and Phototoxic Potential of New Drugs  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Catherine A. Schuppli, David Fraser and Michael McDonald
Expanding the Three Rs to Meet New Challenges in Humane Animal Experimentation  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ulpiano Pérez
Conference Report: Congresso COBEA 2004  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]