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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 38, S1

December 2010


Nirmala Bhogal
Introduction to the FRAME 40th Anniversary symposium on Human Alternatives to Animal Studies    [ PDF ]

Nirmala Bhogal
Comment:A Time to Replace Animal Models? A Clinical Perspective: Reflections on the Keynote Address  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Guruprasad P. Aithal
Mind the Gap  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Andrew Bennett
The Use of Human Tissues and Cells in Biomedical Research: The Unusual Suspects  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Richard Grundy
The Development of Cell Line Models of Childhood Brain Tumours  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Mark Seymour
Accelerating Clinical Insights: How to Use Accelerator Mass Spectrometry to Make Better Early Development Decisions  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Robert A. Coleman
A Human Approach to Drug Development: Opportunities and Limitations  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

David Bunton
The Use of Functional Human Tissues in Drug Development  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Paul G. Genever
The Generation of Three-dimensional Tissue Structures with Mesenchymal Stem Cells  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Tim Hardingham
Cell- and Tissue-based Approaches for Cartilage Repair  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Deborah L. Holliday
A Three-dimensional In Vitro Model of Breast Cancer: Toward Replacing the Need for Animal Experiments  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Phil Stephens
Development of a Cell-based Diabetic Wound Assay  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Kelly BéruBé, Aldo Pitt, Patrick Hayden, Zoë Prytherch and Claire Job
Filter-well Technology for Advanced Three-dimensional Cell Culture: Perspectives for Respiratory Research  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Robert W. Barber and David R. Emerson
Biomimetic Design of Artificial Micro-vasculatures for Tissue Engineering  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Simon Thomas
Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Modelling for the Reduction of Animal Use in the Discovery of Novel Pharmaceuticals  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Arun V. Holden
Development and Application of Human Virtual Excitable Tissues and Organs: From Premature Birth to Sudden Cardiac Death  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Jean Harrington and Neil Stephens
A Social Science View on the FRAME Symposium: Identities and Networks  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]