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Alternatives to Laboratory Animals - ATLA

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ATLA Volume 38, No 6

December 2010


Michael Balls
Editorial: ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals): Past, Present and Future    [ PDF ]

News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

IIVS News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

ECVAM News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

CAAT–EU News & Views  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Ada Kolman
Presentation of the 2010 Björn Ekwall Memorial Award by Dr Ada Kolman, President of the Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation, on the occasion of the 12th Annual FRAME Lecture, held on 4 November 2010, at the Kennel Club, London    [ PDF ]

Richard Clothier
The Development and Evaluation of In Vitro Alternative Assays: A Personal Perspective  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Jarrod Bailey
An Assessment of the Use of Chimpanzees in Hepatitis C Research Past, Present and Future: 2. Alternative Replacement Methods  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Katy Taylor
Reporting the Implementation of the Three Rs in European Primate and Mouse Research Papers: Are We Making Progress?  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Pascale Van Rooij, An Martel, Melanie Brutyn, Sofie Maes, Koen Chiers, Lieven Van Waeyenberghe, Siska Croubels, Freddy Haesebrouck and Frank Pasmans
Development of In Vitro Models for a Better Understanding of the Early Pathogenesis of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Infections in Amphibians  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]

Michael Balls
Obituary: Vivienne Hunter (1955–2010)    [ PDF ]

Michelle Hudson and Michael Balls
Comment: European Experimental Animal Use Declines Ever So Slightly  [ Abstract ]   [ PDF ]