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Barriers to Validation: A Report by European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) Working Group 5

Hans-Jürgen Ahr, Nathalie Alepée, Siegfried Breier, Cornelis Brekelmans, Ian Cotgreave, Laura Gribaldo, Gianni Dal Negro, Odile De Silva, Thomas Hartung, Antonio Lacerda, Bernard Leblanc, Catherine Lecerf, Jens P. Linge, Susanna Louhimies, Irene Manou, Gavin Maxwell, Karsten K. Müller, Wolfang Pape, Keith Redhead, Klaus R. Schröder, Dariusz Sladowski, Katinka van der Jagt and Phillipe Vanparys

The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is a joint initiative of the European Commission and a number of companies and trade federations active in various industrial sectors. The Partnership was launched on 7 November 2005, at a major conference entitled Europe Goes Alternative, by Commissioners Verheugen and Potočnik and industry representatives. The purpose of the Partnership is to promote the development of new ‘Three R’ methods (to refine, reduce, and replace the use of animals) as modern alternative approaches to safety testing. The Partnership’s work will focus on mapping existing research, developing new alternative approaches and strategies, and promoting communication, education, and the validation and acceptance of alternative approaches. In this article, EPAA Working Group 5 focuses on the validation process, identifying factors which might delay or hamper the validation of alternative methods.

Full text pdf 36(4), 459–464