FRAME believes in the development of better scientific methods for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. Its ultimate aim is the elimination of the need to use laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedures, but FRAME accepts that a total end to their use cannot be achieved immediately. However, the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable. Where the use of animals is currently necessary, FRAME supports the reduction of numbers involved to an unavoidable minimum, and refinement of the experimental procedures to minimise any suffering caused.

Through its own laboratory and desk-based research FRAME is continually investigating and developing new methods at the forefront of science. It also collaborates with other organisations, industry and laboratories across a wide range of biological and medical fields.

This page is an overview. Much more detail can be found elsewhere on this site.

FRAME uses desk-based and laboratory research to investigate potential new, valid, scientific methods that do not require the use of animals.
FRAME supports a laboratory at the University of Nottingham where alternative methods can be investigated.
Scientists who use animals in their research can learn techniques to help them reduce the number involved by attending one of our training schools in experimental design and statistics.
FRAME works with industry and other groups on joint projects and campaigns to further the case for better science without animals.
FRAME runs campaigns on key areas of animal research and promotes the use of alternative methods and better science through the media.
Each year a selected audience of scientists and researchers are invited to hear a key figure in the field deliver the Bill Annett Lecture.